Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiny Wings Roller Coaster

Our physics class was assigned to create an amusement park. We broke up into groups of three or four and created an engineering firm name and chose which roles each of us would have in the creation of our ride. My group decided to create a roller coaster. The theme for our Amusement park was iphone apps and we chose to make a Tiny Wings Roller Coaster. We used the templates our teacher gave us to create the tracks and we made our coaster using card stock and glue to keep it together. We decorated it with gold coins and small birds to represent the app "Tiny Wings". We then tested our ride to make sure it worked and collected data in order to find the Friction of the ride and the Conservation of Energy throughout the ride. Below you will find a short Prezi explaining the physics of the ride and a link to our teams page about our roller coaster.

          Our Prezi: *Note that clicking on the play button will take you to the prezi website to view it

The PEN Administration's Team Page:

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